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If you have crooked and crowded teeth or a misaligned jaw, dental braces can help you achieve a more balanced and symmetrical smile. At All Smiles Dentistry, cosmetic and implant dentist Catherine Mentesana, DDS, and the team offer orthodontic treatment to adults and teens with FASTBRACES®. To see if you can benefit, make an appointment at the practice in Allen, Texas, by calling the office today or scheduling online.

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Esthetics is not the only benefit of dental braces. There is a significant health benefit to straightening your teeth with dental braces. When teeth are crooked, they are more difficult to clean, positioning the patient for a host of dental problems as they get older. Increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease stem from the inability to fully remove the plaque and bacteria that cause these disease processes, leaving the patient with an increasing number of problems to treat in their mouth. Dental braces can align the teeth making brushing and flossing more effective and greatly reducing the risks for gum disease one tooth decay.


Dental braces have been available for over a century, but the methods and designs have improved greatly over the last few decades. What used to take several years to correct can be corrected in a year quite comfortably. Dental braces have been a trend among teens, which may be the best time to apply them while the patient is still growing. Adults that have crooked teeth should still seek dental braces treatment as tooth alignment at any age will greatly improve oral health.


Dental Braces treatment works by attaching a bracket to the front surface of the teeth. A bendable wire that has memory is then attached to the brackets using elastic O rings. This pulls on the teeth as the wire attempts to go back to its original arch shape. Elastic rubber bands can also be used between the top teeth and the bottom teeth to line up the bite and assure that the teeth fit together properly. Once the teeth are aligned and the bite fits well, the brackets can be removed and the teeth polished. Retainers must be work at night indefinitely to hold this new position of the teeth.


People Also Ask:

How long does it take for dental braces to work?

Dental braces begin moving the teeth as soon as they are applied to the teeth. Noticeable tooth movement can be seen in as little as a few weeks. The time it take for dental braces to make a full correction is dependent on the amount of movement that needs to occur.


What is the cost of braces for teeth?

The cost of dental braces varies greatly depending on many factors, but the average cost of dental braces is around $4500.


What are the disadvantages of dental braces?

Dental braces do cause the teeth to become sore while the tooth movement is happening. Dental braces also provide obstacles for oral hygiene while they are attached to the teeth. While wearing dental braces, hard or sticky candy, and popcorn are not allowed, this may be considered a disadvantage to some people, however, none of those foods are good for the health of teeth, so it is not really a disadvantage. While dental braces may have some minor inconvenience during treatment, the overall benefits greatly outweigh these small disadvantages.


What is the best age for dental braces?

Dental braces are best worn once all of the permanent teeth have erupted and have fully formed roots. This usually occurs between the age of 12-14. Adults with crooked teeth should seek treatment to improve health and reduce risk of disease in their teeth and gums Sometimes early orthodontics treatments to help guide the growth of a patient whose upper and lower jaws are not growing evenly. In these cases braces may be applied earlier, but this is not as common.


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