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Dental Bridges

According the the American College of Prosthodontics 120 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth. Tooth loss happens as a result of tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, cancer or wear.  The function of teeth is very important in the digestive process and the loss of teeth can greatly decrease a persons ability to break down food and can limit their diet.  Teeth also work together and need each other to function properly and be a stable unit.  When just one tooth is missing it can decrease a persons chewing function by 25% or more. Thankfully, there is a simple, effective way to replace a missing tooth - dental bridge.

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Dental Bridge involves shaving down teeth adjacent to a missing tooth in order to anchor a prosthesis that is both esthetic and functional and will replace the missing tooth.to the altered teeth.anchoring a permanent biologically safe fixture into the jawbone where a tooth is missing and attaching a replacement tooth that is both esthetic and functional.


How long does a dental bridge last?

A dental bridge can last many years. Like all things wear and tear from constant use of the teeth will break down the bond between the bridge and the teeth it is attached to and there is a risk for bacteria getting between an old bridge and the teeth and a new bridge will need to be placed. This usually takes many years to occur although a sugary or acidic diet and teeth grinding will speed this up.



How much do dental implants cost for one tooth?

The cost of dental bridge can vary greatly, but usually on average a dental bridge for one tooth will cost about $3000.


Is getting a dental Bridge Painful?

The dentist will numb your teeth before the dental bridge treatment is started. This will allow the dentist to work without any pain.


What are the disadvantages of a dental bridge?

If one tooth is missing a dental bridge is a solid option for replacing the tooth. There are a few disadvantages of having a dental bridge compared to the other option for replacing a missing tooth, a dental implant.  The first disadvantage is the treatment of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. If these teeth did not need treatment, then a bridge introduces maintenance in the future that could be avoided by using a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. Another disadvantage of a dental bridge is the application is limited. There must be a solid tooth on both sides of the tooth that are missing for this to be a good option. Finally, a dental bridge does nothing for maintaining the bone level where the tooth was removed.  Given time the bone under the false tooth will erode and food may begin to pack in this area.

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